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Adversary Actions

Bankruptcy Clinic • Springfield Bankruptcy Litigation Attorney

One of the reasons to have an experienced trial attorney handle your bankruptcy is the possibility of adversary actions. An adversary action is a lawsuit filed within a bankruptcy proceeding. There are many reasons for these lawsuits, sometimes even filed by the debtor when a creditor violates the automatic stay. Our bankruptcy attorney has experience handling a variety of bankruptcy litigation matters. At the Bankruptcy Clinic in Springfield, Missouri, we aggressively represent debtors in adversary actions as well as other aspects Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Call (417) 4NO-DEBT if a creditor or your trustee has brought an adversary action against you in your Missouri bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Clinic is one of the few full-service bankruptcy law firms in Southwest Missouri.

In addition to filing your bankruptcy, we can defend you before the bankruptcy judge if one of your creditors or your trustee files an adversary action. Creditors sometimes want their debt to become non-dischargeable so that you are liable to them for the full amount of the debt when the bankruptcy is over. Creditors may use adversary proceedings in order to prevent discharge of their debt.

We can represent you in all adversary actions. Our attorney regularly appears in bankruptcy court and is an experienced litigator who often accepts clients by referral from other bankruptcy lawyers who do not provide representation in adversarial proceedings. At the Bankruptcy Clinic, a Springfield bankruptcy litigation law firm, our attorney is committed to protecting your debtors’ rights in the courtroom, and will work toward the best result for you.

Call (417) 4NO-DEBT if You Are Involved in an Adversary Action and Need a Springfield Bankruptcy Litigation Law Firm

If your bankruptcy is being challenged by a creditor, contact a Missouri bankruptcy trial lawyer at the Bankruptcy Clinic in Springfield for an initial consultation.