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Bankruptcy Clinic • Springfield Bankruptcy Attorney

Tired of the calls? Drowning in credit card or other unsecured debt? We understand that people can easily feel overwhelmed by financial trouble. At the Bankruptcy Clinic in Springfield, Missouri, we can help you find relief. Filing for bankruptcy can give you an opportunity to make a fresh start to your life and discharge some, or maybe even all, of your debt, and our bankruptcy attorneys can help you make that happen. Call us at (417) 4NO-DEBT to let you begin your financial life again.

Springfield, Missouri, Bankruptcy Lawyer

There are many things you should consider in hiring a bankruptcy attorney, not just the lowest price. We believe that you deserve a lawyer who understands what you are going through and can help you find debt relief as soon as possible.

The Bankruptcy Clinic is a full service bankruptcy law firm. We are family run and love to help families get out from under their crushing debts or get the fresh start they deserve. Some bankruptcy firms only handle the bankruptcy filing and do not represent you if there are any adversarial actions, or lawsuits, filed within the bankruptcy proceeding.

We Return Your Calls! We appreciate your business, so we work very hard to keep you informed and answer your questions. Our bankruptcy attorneys will work diligently to return your calls as soon as possible.

No Hidden Costs! We will give you top-level service at a fair price. We are always upfront about our charges, and will not add undisclosed charges to the final bill. There are no surprises–just great service, committed representation, and the chance to obtain relief from your debts.

Call (417) 4NO-DEBT to Speak to One of Our Springfield Bankruptcy Attorneys

At the Bankruptcy Clinic, in Springfield, we help you work to get relief from calls from collection agencies, from garnished wages, and more. Call (417) 4NO-DEBT or email one of our Missouri bankruptcy attorneys to schedule an initial consultation.